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Compensation Policy Information

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Dear Community,

We here at Leaguesharp value our customers and care for the safety of their accounts and the quality of the product they purchase, it is our highest priority to strive for customer satisfaction. However, due to the nature of LeagueSharp, we are sometimes unable to deliver a swift update for the patches that are periodically released for League of Legends.


All of our Subscribers are valuable customers and we do not believe it is fair for the customer to be penalized for something that is out of their control. This is why we have decided to offer compensation for every subscriber!

We have a strong stance on user privacy and we do not log any personal information about your summoner, including (but not limited to) the region your account is on, the summoner name, and account name. Because we do not collect any personal information or user statistics, the compensation will be calculated according to the Riot region patches.


  • On patches the compensation amount will be equivalent to the amount of days that LeagueSharp has been down minus 24 hours.

How can I redeem the compensation days? We created a completely new system for our users to control how they use their compensation time. Whenever LeagueSharp gives out compensation days you will be able to view them in your history and choose when to redeem them. In other words, you are free to use them whenever you want! Whether it is instantly or after your subscription ends, the choice is yours!

You can find the compensation area here: Click!

Please keep in mind that the compensation period will expire if not redeemed within two months. 


The Administration

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