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Authentication System Information

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LeagueSharp, as a community and a tool, is continually progressing and evolving. With a much larger userbase, we have decided to implement an authentication protocol that will secure and identify the LeagueSharp application uniquely to you. This will greatly improve the security in general for every user of the program.
Account Requirement 
In the past, users were able to simply start the application and use LeagueSharp directly. In turn, we introduced the addition of a login requirement, where one must enter their forum account username and password to use the program. This new authentication is based off of that principle. Users will continue to be able to use LeagueSharp only if they possess a valid forum account. 
Security Restrictions 
This does add certain restrictions, however. You will not be able to share your forum account with anyone else, and neither can you with the program. LeagueSharp will be specifically linked to your computer. We have accommodated for users that posses multiple computers or use LeagueSharp on different machines. Because of this specific restriction, your forum account will be tied with your computer for one hour. This means that you will not be able to use LeagueSharp on another computer until one (1) hour after you logged in. After the time restriction ends, you will then be allowed to use LeagueSharp on a different computer. 
Registrations to the Forum 
As of this time, we are still allowing registrations to LeagueSharp. Registrations will remain open until March 1, 2015. At that time, registrations will close. 
All of this makes LeagueSharp much safer for everyone, including the community. We will continue to provide additional security improvements and implementations such as these in the future. We look forward to constantly bringing you innovative and new uses to playing League of Legends with using LeagueSharp.
Best of luck, L#ers!
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