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Ennola Information

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The proper and safe use of Ensage:

  1. Start Playsharp/Ensage
  2. Start Steam
  3. Start Dota


  • I'm following the three steps above, can I play on my main account with items worth 1000$?
    There is no 100% protection, so if you don't want to risk your account, we strongly advise you to use a smurf account, and transfer items you want to keep to an account which is not being cheated on.
  • I can't join a game because it says VAC is blocked on my computer ?

    This usually happens if Ennola couldn't load correctly. This is usually a cause of Dota (or any other VAC game) being started before Ensage/Ennola could be loaded. As a safety feature we're on purpose blocking the scan function of VAC.
    Make sure you close Dota and Steam (Also make sure that SteamService.exe is not running anymore, after you've closed Steam; if it's still running, kill the process in the TaskManager). Then follow the three steps on top.
  • I still can't join any games, even after restarting steam and dota?
    Verify again that the SteamService process is not running after closing steam, you have to display all processes in the TaskManager to see this process. If it's closed, try to restart your computer and follow the three steps without doing anything else before. If the problem still persists, let us know.
  • Sometimes my Steam and/or Dota process crashes, how can I fix it?
    If any new VAC modules are received, which are yet unknown to us, then Ennola will close the process, rather than risking that you're getting banned. There's nothing you can do about it, except wait until we're sure that the new module is handled correctly and Ennola will continue keeping you safe.

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