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Current Situation

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INTRODUCTION Dear Community,

With the patch League of Legends developers have added a piece of software called 'XIGNCODE3' (the "Software") to League of Legends. This software is labeled as spyware by many players of the gaming community because of the way it performs. We would like to be transparent about that and give our community some insight.

XIGNCODE3 The software is written by Wellbia, an information protection company located in South-Korea. They describe their software as "[...] the next generation of gaming security solution mainly for online gaming service, currently patented and registered as a “one-time executable code structure”, which allows levels of various security policies according to company management measurements.".

The software is used mainly in games on the Asian market.

FEATURES AND SPYWARE We have strong reasons to believe that the software indeed performs as spyware to accomplish the features that are suggested by Wellbia on their homepage.

A Google search on "xigncode" returns a list of forum threads from games where the software is included. Most of them suggest that the software causes many issues and is detected by malware-scanners.
We believe that it goes too far when a software starts to scan for files that were accessed in the past 48 hours [Source]. It is always possible that information get into wrong hands and the companies that distribute League of Legends should be carefully with the way they are going.
CURRENT SITUATION We have noticed that the software was activated on the Korean server and as a precaution-measure we decided to take the authentication servers down globally.
We want to protect our community from shady spyware that is being loaded when joining a League of Legends game.

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