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Upcoming Changes

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Dear Community,

During the next month a few changes are coming up. Most of them affect our core userbase barely, however it's still a big step. The changes included are:
  • Transition of EnsageSharp to a paid model
  • Removal of the invite system
  • Final beta tests of the new loader
  • A refreshed forum theme
You can read more about the changes in detail here.

Transition of EnsageSharp to a paid model EnsageSharp (our program for DotA2, maintained by Zynox) made a good progress during the past few months and due to the new loader being stable now, we decided to do the step forward and make it paid.
However, there is one major thing you have to keep in mind:

The subscription will be shared and stay at 15 dollar/month.

If you use LeagueSharp nothing changes for you, and you can seamlessly use EnsageSharp (and vice versa), too.
We hope that there will be new developers coming to us and create assemblies for EnsageSharp. If you are a developer yourself feel free to give it a try!

Removal of the invite system With EnsageSharp becoming paid we will remove the invite system completly and open the forum. Making our community invite only was a great idea and worked out well at the start, but things changed. If you want to join our community it's easy enough to get an invite through shady third party sites and we want to prevent that. In our opinion it's better to give everyone the same chance to use our software without having to rely on untrusted sources. Let me make it clear again: Our invite system had a great run, but all good things are over one day. We hope that we find some fresh developers this way, too.

Final beta tests of the new loader The new loader made a great progress and works awesome! Most of the underlaying codebase is done and only a visual rework is left. Once that is done it will (finally) replace the current loader.
Make sure to check out the beta to give your input as long as you still can. Our timeline is to finish the GUI next month, be prepared.

A refreshed forum theme The general color scheme will stay the same, but the forum will get a new header and some other elements (navigation bar, ...). It will work along with our new logo (check the favicon) and looks quite awesome, so stay tuned!
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