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BrewMaster "one key to win" by Nagibator666


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How do you have it set-up? Because when I ult with combo, its just has all 3 spirits selected. What item build-skill build do you recommend? 

  1. Any item for initiation (invis, fast movespeed, blink).
  2. Aghanim+Necro3 - core wich never changes - this mortal combination kills any enemy without escape in midgame.
  3. Radiance, shiva, cuirass, manta(your illusions also has 100% chanse for critical strike for first attack), midas, vladmir, octarine, heartoftarasqe(regeneration works in ultimate) - according to the situation.

And yeah - always hardlane.


Ideal build 1 is:

  1. Boots_of_travel_2
  2. Aghanim
  3. Necro_3
  4. Radiance
  5. Mantastyle
  6. Octorine


Ideal build 2 is:

  1. Boots_of_travel_2
  2. Aghanim
  3. Necro_3
  4. Shiva
  5. Cuirass
  6. HoT

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