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Troubleshooting Guide (READ ME)

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Troubleshooting EnsageSharp

If you encounter any problems please try the following steps in order to solve them. If your problem is listed in our table please follow the given instructions.

  • Start EnsageSharp with administrator rights (rightclick - start as administrator)
  • Move PlaySharp folder to root directory (e.g. C:\PlaySharp, not C:\Users\Jabroni\Desktop\PlaySharp)
  • Verify your system OS is 64-bits by downloading 64 Bit Checker. If your Operating System and CPU are both 64bit, EnsageSharp is compatible. If your CPU is 64bit but your operating system is 32bit, you need to install a 64bit version of Windows. If your CPU and Operating System are both 32bit, EnsageSharp isn't compatible to run. 
  • b75vDFL.png
  • Make sure that you have all required programs installed properly:
    --> Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6
    --> Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 (x64) (LeagueSharp players, you NEED to download this. It is different than the one required for LeagueSharp)
    --> DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)









VAC error? more info
It's not caused by EnsageSharp. Follow these steps.
Crashing at custom game mods?
We're aware of this issue. 
Getting error when installing Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 (x64)?
You may already have a newer version, specifically if your OS is Windows 10.
Install links don't work when you click on them? more info
Make a thread in troubleshooting.
Is your DOTA crashing at startup?

  • In loader->Settings disable/untick "Inject" and save settings
  • Start Dota and wait until it loads
  • Enable/tick "inject" and save settings
  • EnsageSharp should now inject without crash

Did you receive an error which says "Dx11 mode is not supported yet?" more info
Solution. And/or remove -gl from your launch options, if it exists.
Is Ensage not injecting?
Solution. And/or remove -gl from your launch options, if it exists.
api-ms-win-core-processthreads-l1-1-1.dll error?
Follow this guide.
Are your hotkeys blank? more info
Delete your EnsageFolder and re-install to C:\EnsageSharp
Auth error? Unable to connect?
Try this
DOTA crashes when EnsageSharp injects
1. Press W8K.png(Windows) + R and put appwiz.cpl in Run dialog box. Click OK to open Uninstall or Change Program.

2. On the left side look for Turn Windows Features on or off and left-click on it.
2.1. Within this new window there are some folders. We are looking for .NET Framework 3.5.1 (Windows 7)/.NET Framework 3.5 (include .NET 2.0 and 3.0) (Windows 8/8.1/10) and .NET Framework 4.6 Advanced Services (!!!only if you're on Windows 10!!!).
2.2. Left-click the + box next to both folders to expand them.
2.3. Make sure that every box within has a check mark.
2.4. Press OK and restart you computer.

Clicking on install assembly links doesn't work.
Try this and let me know if it works.
vc_redict.x86.exe error?
Size: 29.4 MB
MD5: 45b4e9cece3a82920e4b2bb55d8f65de
Date: 7/24/2015
Info: Microsoft Visual C++ 2005/2008/2010/2012/2013/2015, Microsoft Visual F# 2.0, Microsoft Visual J# 2.0 redistributable packages (with setup junk removed.) Also includes "extra" Visual Basic and C runtimes 

Unzip the 2 files, and run as admin
Receive the error: Failed to login A task was cancelled ?
Check if your firewall isn't blocking the connection. Also try this solution
"Cannot listen on pipe name 'net.pipe://localhost/" come up?
It means a conflicting application is running,
Than you need to open process Explorer ( technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896653.aspx )
Press Ctrl+F and search for: "net.pipe"
One of the software found that could conflict with E#
Is A application by razer,
Razer Keyboard
Killed it than it was injecting with out the error,
Or open with out that error. (Thanks ShiroSuigintou)
"Cannot listen on pipe name 'net.pipe://localhost/" and core init error?
Follow this guide.
If none of that fixed the problem, here's what I want you to do.
If your issue isn't fixed yet, go to your anti-virus and check if you have any recent quarantined items from AppData\Roaming\LS******
If you have something recently quarantined from AppData\Roaming, you'll need to add an exception for it like this:
Of course if you use a different anti-virus, the process to add an exclusion will be a little different.

If that doesn't fix your issue then delete your PlaySharp/LeagueSharp/EnsageSharp folder. Go to THIS thread and download the latest EnsageSharp from there. Before you install EnsageSharp, you need to clear your AppData.
Clearing your AppData instructions here
One more step before you install EnsageSharp. You need to download CCleaner
Open CCleaner's setup file and proceed to install it. Once installed, run CCleaner and go to the registry tab on the left:
You want to click the "Scan for issues" button:
Wait until it finishes then click the "Fix selected issues..." button:
Now you're ready to install EnsageSharp to C:\EnsageSharp (or D:\ or E:\ or whichever drive letter you use)
If you can get into DOTA but something isn't working right, try disabling all your assemblies and seeing if the problem subsists. It is through this way we determine where the source of the issue comes from, EnsageSharp or an assembly.
If your issue isn't resolved, start a new topic in the General Troubleshooting section. Be VERY descriptive about the issue you are experiencing, screenshots help. Any anti-virus/anti-malware programs should be mentioned. Also mention that you have read the this Troubleshooting guide!

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