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LeagueSharp Social Media Accounts & Fake Domains

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Dear LeagueSharp members,
During the downtime of L# some users decided to abuse it by spreading false and unofficial L# domains and social media accounts. It is one of our main goals is to make sure we deliver the best for our users and guarantee your safety. If you are asked to download ANYTHING(Including tempfixes) from other pages that is shown on the table below, it could include malicious content that grant other members to steal your information!
Official LeagueSharp Websites(Including social medias!):

Link Description
https://www.joduska.me The official LeagueSharp Website
http://leaguesharp.me Redirecting to the official LeagueSharp Website
http://jshrt.me LeagueSharp's Official URL-shortner(Note: The domain itself is ours, anybody can use it to shorten urls)
https://github.com/leaguesharp Our official Github which include our open source League of Legends projects!
https://github.com/ensagesharp Our official Github which include our open source DotA projects!
https://www.fb.me/leaguesharpforlol LeagueSharp's Official Facebook page(Any other facebook isn't ours!) DO NOT VISIT OR TRUST ANY OTHER SOURCE.
https://twitter.com/joduskame LeagueSharp's Official Twitter page
voice.joduska.me Our official Teamspeak 3 IP!
Note: Keep in mind any links that aren't on the table above are considered unofficial links and we do not advise to download or visit any other links that claim to have any updates/extra information.

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