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Global Forum Rules (Last Updated: 2016-06-08)Leaking / Unauthorized use of Code 
  • LeagueSharp assemblies are protected by the standard Github license as long as no other license is picked.
  • LeagueSharp assemblies that use the Library "LeagueSharp.Common" are protected by the GNU license and have to be released open-source.
  • LeagueSharp assemblies and tools must be delivered with the plain source, not encrypted/protected or anything else.
  • LeagueSharp assemblies must not contain any text or drawings that encourage upvotes in the Assembly Database. Please limit this to the assembly thread.
  • The LeagueSharp Loader supports local and GitHub sources - no 3rd party Loaders are allowed.
  • Leaking of internal projects and information is strictly disallowed.
  • If you use/copy any code made by another developer please give proper credits. Any kind of variable, full plug-in (in cases of AIO-Assemblies) or modified assemblies can be defined as code and requires a proper credential if you don't fork it.
  • Keep in mind that giving out credits doesn't hurt anybody but shows that you respect the work by other developers.
  • Any assembly that tracks a user in any way will be deleted. Some examples are (But not limited to): Countries, games played, IP addresses, and LoL summoner names, game info, etc. Using other tracking methods (for example ip addresses or HWIDs) is not permitted either
  • LeagueSharp invites are not allowed to be sold or traded under any circumstance, if you are found selling invites your account and everyone you invited will be banned.
  • Do not send private messages to users asking for invites unless they explicitly state to do so.
  • Nobody is allowed to sell assemblies.
  • No selling or trading content of any kind on the forums. This includes Accounts, Elo-Boosting, Powerleveling, etc.
  • No begging/requesting in the forums, so please do not request stuff from other people (Money, Items, Paid Items, Accounts) and Scamming\Fraud), etc.
  • Do not flame any members' posts just because you do not like them personally.
  • Keep assembly criticism constructive. Abusive posts such as "This assembly sucks" are not allowed.
  • No troll assemblies are allowed to be posted in the assemblies section, moderators have the rights to close a topic if it fits the troll category.
  • Keep forum topics on topic. No random posts/replies to boost your post count.
  • All content on the forums must be written in English or tagged as foreign post. ("[BR] LF duoQ")
  • Сracked/Torrented/Illegal programs/software/scam-related-content is not allowed by any means on the forums.
  • Posts regarding topics such as "Which Assembly is Best" or "Which Champion Carries Hard in Solo Queue" are forbidden on the forum.
  • Tutorials and discussions about the chargeback of Riot Points is not allowed.
  • No nominating new staff members of any kind.
  • Topics comparing assemblies must be compared by features only. No bias opinions or emotions.
  • No advertising other websites or services of any kind.
  • No posts regarding "When Will L# Be Updated?" of any kind (This applies to the shoutbox as well).
  • Please do not troll regarding L# being updated, asking others to PM staff/members as it confuses other members.
  • All files/programs uploaded to your post must be approved by a staff member before hand. Please PM a Moderator.
  • No sexual/NSFW content will be allowed.
  • No WIP (work in progress) topics in the release section.
  • Only Contributors or higher can ask for donations.
  • Racism/Discrimination of ANY kind is strictly forbidden.
  • No exploit / drophack discussion is allowed.
  • Only Super Moderators or higher are allowed to post hotfixes.
  • No executable files/links of ANY kind are allowed.
  • No whining about other cheaters / calling other cheaters out / whining about other cheaters calling you out.
  • No cracking discussion related to League is allowed.
  • No screamers of any sort are allowed to be posted
  • No сracked or verified accounts are allowed to be posted.
  • Begging/Asking for assembly votes is not allowed.
  • No refer links of any kind.
  • Spamming is characterized by the initiation of threads or posts that contribute nothing to a forum, be it off topic or on topic.
  • Don't bump topics that haven't been replied over 3 Months.
  • If you want to talk about something that is drastically removed from the topic of a forum, please take it to the Off-Topic Forum. The Off-Topic Forum was set up and designed for members to discuss issues not related to a specific game.
  • Cross-Posting is when you post the same message multiple times in various threads or forums. Continuing to post a similar message will result in an immediate ban.
Avatar / Signature 
  • If we find that an image you post in your signature is offending to anyone it will be immediately removed and your account will be disabled. Be sure to keep your signature picture at a reasonable size.
  • Always use the KISS method! KISS = Keep It Short & Simple
  • Do not flame members, it is unproductive and annoying for moderators to delete.
  • Any disrespectful behavior toward members (especially Staff) will result in a punishment.
  • If you are a long standing member, act like one. Lead by example and assist other newer members rather then attacking them.
  • Do not harass or attack other communities or their members (this includes streams) in the context of LeagueSharp.
  • Global Forum Rules discretionally apply to any other form of communication (such as TeamSpeak) that is officially hosted by LeagueSharp.
  • The Global Rules apply to the Shoutbox
The following rules only apply for the Shoutbox:
  • You're only allowed to talk in English and German in the Shoutbox.
  • Any kind of eDrama will be punished with a 24h shoutbox ban.
  • Spoilers more recent than 1 month will be punished with a warning point. Next infractions will lead to a permanent shoutbox ban.
  • Please do not use the shoutbox to request anything, use the proper section for it (e.g. Matchmaking).
Account Sharing 
  • You are not allowed under any circumstance to share your account with anyone.
  • Staff members will never ask you for your password! If a member/staff member asks for your password immediately contact one of the community managers (Hestia or h3h3) regarding this issue.
Disciplinary Measures 
  • Breaking the forum rules will inherently lead to a punishment by either warning points or a ban depending on severity of the infringement.
  • Moderators can hand out warning points or bans at their discretion; an infringement of the forum rules is not mandatory.
  • Every warning point or ban can be appealed by messaging Super Moderators or higher staff members. Appeals will only be reviewed if the message explains the case and gives indication on why the punishment was unjust.
  • Severe infractions will be immediately punished with a permanent ban.