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#709337 [OFFICIAL][OKTW][SEBBYLIB] OneKeyToWin AIO by Sebby

Posted by Sebby on 30 April 2015 - 07:02 PM

















Kog Maw














Miss Fortune














HINT: You can disable AA in combo: Extra settings OKTW© > Disable auto-attack in combo mode






Twisted Fate



























HINT: You can disable farm: Extra settings OKTW© > Support Mode






















Innovation, game mechanics, algorithms:

Mana MEnager©  Original mana mEnager


Dash manager OKTW© 


OneSpellOneTick©  Anti-FpsDrop system


Incoming Damage Calculation OKTW©  def-ks system



Core modules:


Extra settings OKTW© 


Utility, Draws OKTW© All important info OnScreen 


AutoWard OKTW© 


Activator OKTW©  EasyToUse


Prediction OKTW© Dynamic, Fast, Accurate.


AutoLvlUp EasyToUse auto-leveler




Results of the game:


SPrediction mode Shine and Synx

LastCommits (changelog)


What you need to play? 




How fix all problems:


​How increase FPS:

1. Clear app-data + 5 fps

2. Don't use other utility (activators etc.) + 10 FPS

3. Enable Utility, Draws OKTW© > Disable Utility draws + 10 FPS

4. Use only champion mode + 5 FPS

5. Buy NEW PC kappa


Don't forget OneButtonToVote!



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#29956 VayneHunter Reborn

Posted by Asuna on 06 November 2014 - 05:48 PM

Lightweight, NO FPS DROPS Tracker and Awareness Assembly: DZAwareness




Looking for a fast, efficient, set and go Activator? Try NabbActivator


Upvotes rep_up.png don't hurt ;)

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#396551 (6.x) ezEvade 2.4.5 (Cone Skillshot Support)

Posted by Kurisu on 20 February 2015 - 07:08 AM


As promised, this is ezEvade ported from lua. It's still lacking many features but most of the core is already in place. Feel free to try it out. Many people ask what's the difference between Evade# and ezEvade. I will tell you that ezEvade is currently in beta and still has many features missing. After I finished porting, the difference will be Evade# will always evade better, but ezEvade will dodge smoother and more human like. So to each of their own, there are advantages and disadvantages to each evade.
Important Note 
Please check out my Spell Tester Guide to how to configure your settings:
Extra Ping Buffer is the same as Windup Delay in Orbwalker, you have to either set it manually or use ping tester.
Please try using the ping tester. It will try to set the optimal extra ping buffer.
If you are still getting hit by a lot of spells, set the Misc->Extra Buffers->Extra Ping Buffer higher.
Humanizer Settings Guide 
Here is a guide to Hawk ezEvade settings. Thank Hawk for sharing this :biggrin:

  • evades linear and circular skillshots
  • evades towards mouse position
  • evades multiple spells at once
  • evades fog of war skillshots
  • smooth evading
  • checks for path collision

FAQ - Please read before posting 
What is the difference between this and Evade#
Read the introduction.
I am getting compiling error.
I am not sure why but people have reported that Avast blocks ezEvade. Try adding as exception or disabling it.
Some assemblies are not loading when I load ezEvade.


I am having fps drop with this script what should I do?
Disable Enhanced Dodge Precision, Spell Collision Check, Recalculate Path in Misc Menu.
What is dodge only dangerous? What are dangerous spells?
Dangerous spells are spells that have danger level of high and extreme.
If you set dodge only dangerous (when evade turns yellow) it will only dodge high and extreme spells.
How do I do the settings?
Use pingtester and auto set ping
How do I look legit as possible?
You need to play around with the settings in customs.
But here are some pointers:
Set extra ping buffer as low as possible
Set fast evade as low as possible
Set extra avoid distance high 100~200
Set spell activation time higher if you want more spell activation.
Set reaction time in humanizer as high as you want.
Leave the rest as default.
Can you add flash Annie R (Tibbers)?
No, Annie R is unflashable.
Only spells that works against it is zhonyas and spellshields (maybe untargetable), which I will add in the future.

How do I turn off Fog of war?
Disable "Dodge FOW SkillShots" in the Main menu.
It's not dodging x spell.
Here are the list of spells that require additional coding than the generic spells.
I will code them in when I have time. But in the meantime, they are low priority in my list.
Jayce Q/Karma Q - requires collision prediction
Azir Q - requires soldier tracking
Lucian Q - it's targeted spell
Diana Q - math op
Lux ult from Fog of war
Veigar E
Heimerdinger skillshots, including turrets - spawns too many skillshots, fps hell
Syndra E
Spell Danger Levels 

  • Low - not really worth dodging, like most circular skillshots which takes a long time dodging
  • Normal - does damage, kinda hurts
  • High - CC (Dangerous)
  • Extreme - Initiators like Malphite R (Dangerous)


  • Click Only Once - Only sends the evade movement command once per skillshot.
  • Tick limiter - the interval between each evade clicks, default is 50ms per click
  • Dodge Interval - the interval between each dodges, so it cannot dodge two consecutive skillshots too quickly
  • Reaction Time - the time from the skillshot fired to when the program will evade, so it will wait a bit then evade
  • Spell Detection Time - the program will disregard any skillshots that will hit your champion in this time frame, so it will prevent dodging fast skillshots in the face. The difference between reaction time and this one is that it will dodge as soon as possible if the skillshot won't hit too fast, so you can still get a smooth evade. 

Evade Spell 

  • Danger level - The program will only use the evade spell if the incoming skillshot has the same danger level or higher than this value
  • Undodgeable - The program will only use the evade spell if the skillshot is not dodgeable by walking.
  • Activation time - The program will use the evade spell based on the spell activation time in Fast Evade Menu. The spell activation time determines how much time is needed to dodge the skillshot and use the evade spell accordingly. If the activation time is low, the program will only dodge very hard to dodge skillshots (spells that will hit you in a short time). If the activation time is high, the program will dodge from very hard to dodge skillshots to very easy to dodge skillshots (spells that will not hit you until a long duration after).
  • Always - The program will always use the evade spell regardless of spell activation time.

Misc Menu 

  • Setting "Fast Evade Time" higher will activate Fast Evade mode when there is little time to evade. The number is the minimum threshold to activate Fast Evade mode. Try to test what number is suitable for you. Fast evading is usually evading at 90 degrees angle, perpendicular to the skillshot.
  • Fast Movement Block - blocks your movement faster if you are going to run into a skillshot.
  • Setting "Collision Distance Buffer" higher will make you dodge faster, sacrificing the smoothness.
  • Minimum Comfort Zone - is the minimum evade distance between your hero and enemy champions. So setting this value will stop your hero from walking into other enemies.
  • Enhanced Dodge Precision - increases the amount of positions to check. If you have fps drops then turn this option off.
  • Extra Evade Distance - makes your hero evade more than the radius of the skillshot.
  • Extra Avoid Distance - makes your hero walk more away from the skillshot than he needs to if he is not in the skillshot. The difference between extra evade distance and this is that this is for when you are outside the skillshot, while extra evade distance is for when you are in the skillshot.
  • Extra Ping Buffer - the extra ping between your computer and the server.
  • Recalculate Position - will recalculate new path if current path doesn't work.
  • Continue Movement - will continue walking to the position which was blocked during evading.
  • Calculate Windup Delay - will factor in spzeroedinto evading (eg, you just used ezreal q and now you can't move for 250ms, evade will factor that in)
  • Load ping tester - turning on will load the ping tester and its menu
  • Spell Activation Time - setting this higher will make you use spell more often
  • Advanced Spell DetectionIt detects only spells that are going to hit you with very high precision. If you will never reach the spell in time, it will not detect/draw it.
  • Extended Evade forces the champion to evade more than it needs to, adjustable with "Extra Evade Distance" setting.


  • Kortatu's Evade# overall project setup. I learned C# mostly from his evade#.
  • Thanks to iMeh and Seph for fixing the compiling error lol
  • Thanks to Trees for giving me tip about not triggering event in issueorder function
  • Thanks to Migno and OneHitToDead for the banner
  • Special thanks to Marco727 for inviting me here
  • Many thanks to Throwchance tongue.gif
  • Thanks to fatdoobie for the support (from there to here)
  • Kurisu for instance code but probably from h3h3 tongue.gif

Change Log 



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#261507 Kurisu's Riven (Release) (6.x) (Updated May 22nd, 2016)

Posted by Kurisu on 21 January 2015 - 12:05 AM


thanks Sophie



About Kurisu Riven
I'm so lazy to write something so here is what this can do:
dis riven has good logic with tiamat but I wouldn't suggest rushing it first item anymore because s6 sucks
Q info:

  • Interrupt with Q3
  • Use Q Before Expiry (the longer till it expires the shorter the cooldown after)
  • Gapclose  Q (with adjustable delay)
  • Optional Safe Q Checks (so you dont Q into 4 people and just die)

W info:

  • Interrupter (when in range)
  • Anti-Gapcloser (irelia deny op)

E info:

  • E in Combo for engage or after AA if under HP%
  • Optional safe dash checks.

R info:

  • R + Ignite
  • R Cast Modes:
    • Always - no condition (reccomended)
    • Hard kill - (ult on) can kill with full aa weaving combo + items + ignite
    • Normal kill - can kill with full aa weaving combo + items + ignite
    • Burst kill - can kill with (ult on) 1 AA with 3 passive + W + items and Windslash + 3 Q's

R2 info:

  • Optional save if overkill
  • R2 Cast Modes:
    • Max Damage - r2 earlier if can kill with your remaining spells and auto attack q weaving.
    • Only kill - saves r2 for the execute only.

Burst info:

  • reworked (e-> r/flash -> w -> aa -> hydra/r2/q)
  • choose to flash or choose not to.
  • when the hpbar fill is tinted green is when you can 3 shot enemy pretty much (2 shot with hydra)


Required targets:

  • this is a little idea I got from Lizzaran will only ult if it can kill the enabled targets in a teamfight!.
  • as long as it is a teamfight it will save this skill no matter what.
  • when the script detects that it is a duel or 1v2 outplay etc it will ignore.
  • it will also ignore if no one is enabled


  • Synx/Badao/Hoola/NightMoon: Q Cancel
  • Detuks: HPBarFill (Seen above)
  • Zezzy: for pattened algorithms.


Install : Github

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#609732 [6.22+][AIO][Standalones] SFXUtility - Awareness | +35 Features | No FPS Drop...

Posted by Lizzaran on 01 April 2015 - 11:16 PM


If you want to ensure that this assembly will remain updated please consider to up vote it here and in the assembly database.

Guide created by a fellow User: SFXUtility - Settings & How to reach high elo

Every module / feature is available as standalone. Github: https://github.com/L...ster/SFXUtility
Only Donators (+5$) can request features if it's feasible.
Bugs will only be considered if the following criteria is met:
- Logs from: C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\LSxxxxxx\1\SFXUtility - Logs (via private message please)
- List of which features were enabled
- List of which other assemblies are activated
- As much information as possible. (e.g. what happened? when/where did it happen? what did you expect to happen? what where the circumstances? etc.)
Finding bugsplats can be tricky, especially when there are so many features and other assemblies in use.
If you want to help to find the cause of this, please try the following steps:
1. Clear your AppData. (L# Loader -> Settings -> AppData. Delete everything there. Especially "1" and "Repositories".)
2. Update everything. LeagueSharp, LeagueSharp.Common, SFXLibrary, SFXUtility and every other assembly.
3. If that doesn't solve the bugsplats please generate a report.
Steps to generate a report:
1. Update SFXUtility.
2. Open a custom game. Choose Summoners Rift and add enemy and ally bots.
3. Have all the assemblies activated you normally use and SFXUtility. Start the game.
4. Ingame open the menu and go to SFXUtility -> Settings
5. Click "Generate Report". Shortly after there should appear a notification that the report was generated.
6. Close the game. Navigate to your L# AppData folder. (L# Loader -> Settings -> AppData)
7. Go into the folder "1", there you should find a file named "sfxutility.report.txt".
8. Open that file and and copy the content.
9. Send me the content on the forum with the private message system.

sentryfox utility multilingual activators smite incredibly fast supports every champion killsteal potion health & mana revealer detectors teleport bar text abilities replay experience drawings lasthit hpbar indicator circle on killable perfectward draws ward spots corrects within range walljump nidalee riven 8 vayne customizeable clone around champs damage customizable waypoint approx arrival time path from safejungle ranged percentage / clock real-time events autoleveler early lvl patterns all game message dnend onstart trinket based items others turnaround cassiopeia, shaco tryndamere autolantern hotkey / automatic grabs thresh lantern anti fountain block movements inside enemy humanize delay spell casts extendflash extend to max antitrap timers jungle display map minimap ability cooldown allies and enemies cooldowns object trackers last position hack shows recalls sidebar clickable various informations goldefficiency calculate stats gold track traps green pink wards destination flash requirements leaguesharp.common sfxlibrary awareness

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#752202 [6.14] The Slutty Ryze | Reworked Ryze Full upgrade! | Built in Humanizer...

Posted by Hoes on 11 May 2015 - 07:11 PM


Slutty Products in partnership with 0x0539
thank you for the HUGE help in the products and in bed.
For new loader install link, use  the Install link above of you.

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#10120 Marksman#

Posted by Kortatu on 17 October 2014 - 07:57 AM


Kortatu, xQx and legacy

What is Marksman? 
Marksman is a AIO - all in one - assembly that offers the best expierence for the Marksman role.

  • Advanced Targetselector and Orbwalker
  • Combo and Harass for supported champions
  • Item support
  • Drawing

Marksman# supports almost every marksman with the best combination of combos and logic.

  • Ashe
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Gnar
  • Graves
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Kog'maw
  • Lucian
  • Miss Fortune
  • Quinn
  • Sivir
  • Teemo
  • Tristana
  • Twitch
  • Urgot
  • Vayne
  • Varus


New repository 
Be aware that the repository moved!

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#56320 Kalista - Bound for Eternity [Updated Feb 22, 2015]

Posted by Hellsing on 21 November 2014 - 01:24 PM

Kalista - Bound for Eternity

- We act as one - two - three - cease this! -



Thanks to Fluicity for the banner!

Welcome to my Kalista thread! If you find any bugs or want some improvements, please go on and make reply, I'm reading all of them! Have fun with the bound for eternity Kalista!


Possible upcoming features as suggested by Marco727: https://www.joduska....e-25#entry98407

  • Combo
    Accurate Q casting
    Logic: It will be casted once the target has a high chance to be hit.
    Perfect E usage
    Logic: It won't fire E if the definied amount of stacks in the menu is not met (default 5), then it's gonna check for the distance of the enemy, if it's still close enough it won't waste it, cuz you can add more stacks. If you don't attack anymore or the target leaves the reduced E range, it's gonna fire it, dealing the most amount of damage possible without wasting the E! If the target has some E stacks but is not in AA range and a minion could die with AA+E, it's gonna cast that aswell to ensure more damage.
  • Harass
    Accurate Q casting
    Logic: It will be casted once the target has a high chance to be hit.
  • WaveClear
    Piercing Q casting
    Logic: It will check for target minions in range which it can kill with the passive of the Q, piercing though the enemy you killed with Q. So whenever you can kill (default 3) minions in a line, it's casting it, giving you another great option to clear the wave!
    Perfect E usage
    Logic: It will check if the definied amount of minions could die with your E (default 2) and then cast the E perfectly.
  • JungleClear
    Perfect E usage
    Logic: It will always use E on any jungle mob you are applying your E stacks on as soon as it's killable with the damage you would deal with E. Perfect for stealing buffs aswell!
  • Flee
    Auto attack leaping
    Logic: It will search for attackable targets behind you to attack, cuz when attacking someone behind you and move in the opposite direction, you will leap the highest possible distance forward!
    Dynamic wall-jumps
    Logic: It will search for ANY possible spot you are walking against and cast the Q once you can jump over the wall and then leap in the direction, this is done the most accurate way possible and has the most advanced calculations out there, try it out!
  • Misc
    Killsteal with E
    Logic: With or without any buttons pressed and having this option enabled, it will time the E to ensure to get the kill on a target with enough stacks to die from the overall damage.
    Always use E stacks on big minions and Dragon/Baron
    Logic: As soon as any big minion (or Dragon/Baron) with E stacks can die with it, it's gona fire it even if you don't use and of the active modes!
    Auto R to save your SoulBound
    Logic: Calculates all the damage around your soulbound and also the incoming auto attacks, when it reaches a critical point of the soulbound in general gets below 5% health, it's being casted!
  • Item usage
    Blade of the Ruined King
    Logic: It will use BotRK once the amount of damage you deal with it is not wasted when applying it to your own health. Cutlass itself is always used in combo mode without any logic because you don't get anything back.
    Youmuu's Ghostblade
    Logic: It will be used once you autoattack a target in combo mode.
  • Summoner spells
    Logic: Once you can kill a target with your full combo (including Ignite damage), it's gonna apply it on your target.
  • Drawings
    Spell ranges
    Overall damage indicator
    E damage indicator

0ec680473d.png b86ea25233.png 060cbf9815.png

(94e7484000.png if you like it, thanks)



  • Kortatu - Dynamic wall-jumping was heavily discussed with him on how to approach it correctly, nice teamwork :)
  • Detuks - Custom damage indicators, not really much left from his code, but still, based on his code :p



  • Guide by scraxxy: Link

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Q: Got an error during install, how to fix this?
    A: Please make sure your LeagueSharp.Common is updated when trying to install this assembly.
  • Q: I am bugsplatting as soon as I see an enemy champion, how to fix this?
    A: It´s not this script that is bugsplatting, it might be Killability. Disable it while playing with this script.

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#185648 [3.1] Jinx full automatic AI OneKeyToWin

Posted by Sebby on 31 December 2014 - 09:44 AM





Forget about the settings. Forget about the mana problem. Focus on what is most important....... on winning.


menu description:

Show notification - displays information about the possibility of killing the enemy with R or W

Use pots - built-in potions. HP maintains over 60%. In the battle tries to keep 95% hp, maintains the level of mana to be enough for a full combo


Auto E in Combo BETA -use E smart alghoritm

OnProcessSpellCastE - turn off some spells like blitz Q etc

Auto R - on / off automatically using the R

VeryHighHitChanceR  -option gives a 90% chance to hit. The downside is that it can wait for quite a long to shot.(one path detection + motion detection front - back, movement side to side ignore)

Semi-manual cast R key- quick shot key is not expected collisions and hp. AOE aims in the weakest target

Debug - print kill/skills operation

Hit Chance slider(recommends 2) -

0. normal

1. High

2. High special (one path detection)

3. High extrem (one path detection + motion detection front - back, movement side to side ignore)

-adapts to the status of mana and mode
-use BeforeAttack / afterAttack function in algorithm
-helps you could farm
-in farm mode block  Q if a minion to kill.
(i) can stop the fishbone attacks to save mana
-adapts to the status of mana and mode
-provides:  Snare, Stune, Taunt, Fear,Charm, Suppression  etc.
-build in ks system and notification
-better predction in farm mode
-in farm mode block W if a minion to kill.
-provides such spells (onProcesSpell)as ThreshQ, RocketGrabMissile, MissFortuneBulletTime, CaitlynPiltoverPeacemaker,KatarinaR,GalioIdolOfDurand,EzrealTrueshotBarrage, VelkozR etc . 
-Recall and teleport
-provides:  Snare, Stune, Taunt, Fear,Charm, Suppression  etc.
-provides slows for example zap!
-auto mode used only when you can not kill in a different way (do not use if your ally can kill an opponent)
-includes checking: SpellImmunity, SpellShield
-VeryHighHitChanceR -option gives a 90% chance to hit. The downside is that it can wait for quite a long to shot.

-R notification
-you can disable auto R
I did not write about all the patents that have my script will try to complete the detailed information on each spell and the situation in which it is used


R jungle stealer include:

I recommend:

-update Jinx script

-check all set and especially: Semi-manual cast R key (bind key and option must be off)

-beaseult3: https://www.joduska....t3-since-1989™/
-autoLevelup: https://github.com/ndd305/Lsharp
-master activator for qss : https://github.com/Crisdmc/LeagueSharp
-build: http://www.probuilds.net/wildturtle

-orbwalking windup 40-60
-always buy mana and hp pots
how to play?

replays of my games on high elo:


op gg:


(account was used to test me. Often I lost matches because I afk and corrected something in the code :))



FAQ & problems:

the script has to win the game and not make as much as possible kda
-Please disable easyjinx and marksman if you play on the JinxFullAutomatic
-dont use last hit mode
-AA canceled
Try go to %appdata% and delete leaguesharp folder ,then restart PC and update all script 
-bad W prediction
problem is cast time (0.6) Most spells have 0.25 it's easy to dodge, by this time has a lot to happen
-bad E prediction
Similarly to W time to active(1.1)
For so long are a lot can happen. Even if the target does not fall into the trap would have handled it.
The problem with ganks? Try to hit jungler W and you can be sure that E also will be used

Version history:



My old BOL lua code created 18.04.‎2014,:



- ikkeflikkeri(collision and prediction hp R)

- Marksman

- Elegiggle (travel R time function)


special thanks for help:

h3h3, FluxySenpai 


JN9GB3.png EMWAW.png

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#199 Evade#

Posted by Kortatu on 18 September 2014 - 08:18 PM



Evade is an assembly that allows you to shield and evade enemy skillshots. At the moment it supports evading using:


  • Movement (including movement speed buffs).
  • Dashes.
  • Blinks (including flash).
  • WardJumps.
  • SpellShields.
  • Untargetable spells.
  • Zhonyas
  • Shield

To get a detailed list of the supported evading spells you can check the file EvadeSpellDatabase.cs or go to a game with Evade# injected and check the menu.

Supported skillshots 

Evade# supports almost all the skillshots in game and I plan to add the missing skillshots sooner or later ;d.

It detects almost all the skillshots that have missiles from fog of war (FOW) (Blitzcrank Q, Thresh Q, Lux's E, etc.) and in the future large spells that have no projectile like Lux's R or Xerath's Q will get added.

To get a complete list you can check the SpellDatabase.cs file at github.

Configuring Evade 


Evading spells

In this submenu you can disable or enable the spells that you want to use for evading, you can also set a danger level for each spell here.


In this submenu you can select the skillshots you want to evade and set a danger level for each skillshot. Its recommended to disable big non-dangerous spells like lux's E unless you are laning vs her. The danger value is linked to the one selected on each evading spell, for example in this configuration:

- Movement 1
- Flash 5

- Morgana Q 3
- Malphite R 5

In this case if Malphite casts R on your location it will first check if its posible evade using movement and then it would use flash if its not since the danger value of malphites R is greater or equals the value from flash. However if morgana casts Q at our location it wont use flash even if its not posible to dodge using movement.

In this submenu you can select also select which spells evade# will consider as dangerous.

Ally shielding

In this submenu you can select the allies that you want to shield from skillshots, pretty usefull if you are playing janna or morgana :^)


This is an experimental feature that its still under development so I recommend disabling it or enabling it only for Yasuo wall, it will be improved in the future :p


In this section you can select how the skillshots drawing will look, nothing special :^)

Dodge only dangerous

While pressing this key Evade will only take into account the skillshots set as dangerous.


18/9/2014 - - Release

20/9/2014 - - Added the option to disable fow detection.

Install Evade You can also check the source code on my GitHub: https://github.com/E...ee/master/Evade

Any bug report, question or suggestion will be welcome :^)


Thanks to OneHitToDead for the banner.

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#1069611 ElUtilitySuite - TRACKER# - Your way to a warm winter!

Posted by jQuery on 08 September 2015 - 10:29 PM






Open the spoiler to read the full details


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#1157840 Welcome to EnsageSharp (updated)

Posted by jodusmame on 03 October 2015 - 04:32 PM

Dear Community,
First of all I would like to thank you for showing interest in EnsageSharp. I will take this little post to guide you through our project, concepts and ideas. So let's get started!
What is EnsageSharp? EnsageSharp is a professional environment, coded by Zynox, that allows the user to inject assemblies or so called scripts into DotA 2 (Reborn). Ensage already has a great API that will offer you anything that you will need to get started. The concept of EnsageSharp is almost the same as LeagueSharp - the only slight difference is that Ensage is for DotA 2 and DotA 2 Reborn.
Do I need to pay for this? Ensage is still a beta version and lacks on assemblies currently. We are absolutely convinced that this will change in the future and that it will become an awesome project just like LeagueSharp. We can't give you any information about when Ensage will become paid, how much it will cost or if there will be any LeagueSharp / EnsageSharp combined packages, it's just too early for that.
For now, Ensage is released for free!
-The Administration Team

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#88028 [UPDATED FOR 6.10] AutoSharpporting - Smart Autoplay Support Bot

Posted by imsosharp on 07 December 2014 - 05:44 PM





Want it to chat with others? np! click here for Nice-Guy Sharp


Supported Champions






Matches from users:








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#418459 Authentication System Information

Posted by jodusmame on 25 February 2015 - 10:53 PM

LeagueSharp, as a community and a tool, is continually progressing and evolving. With a much larger userbase, we have decided to implement an authentication protocol that will secure and identify the LeagueSharp application uniquely to you. This will greatly improve the security in general for every user of the program.
Account Requirement 
In the past, users were able to simply start the application and use LeagueSharp directly. In turn, we introduced the addition of a login requirement, where one must enter their forum account username and password to use the program. This new authentication is based off of that principle. Users will continue to be able to use LeagueSharp only if they possess a valid forum account. 
Security Restrictions 
This does add certain restrictions, however. You will not be able to share your forum account with anyone else, and neither can you with the program. LeagueSharp will be specifically linked to your computer. We have accommodated for users that posses multiple computers or use LeagueSharp on different machines. Because of this specific restriction, your forum account will be tied with your computer for one hour. This means that you will not be able to use LeagueSharp on another computer until one (1) hour after you logged in. After the time restriction ends, you will then be allowed to use LeagueSharp on a different computer. 
Registrations to the Forum 
As of this time, we are still allowing registrations to LeagueSharp. Registrations will remain open until March 1, 2015. At that time, registrations will close. 
All of this makes LeagueSharp much safer for everyone, including the community. We will continue to provide additional security improvements and implementations such as these in the future. We look forward to constantly bringing you innovative and new uses to playing League of Legends with using LeagueSharp.
Best of luck, L#ers!
LeagueSharp Staff

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#1427855 LeagueSharp, RP and Spotify GIVEAWAY (3 prizes)

Posted by gimleey on 02 February 2016 - 11:19 AM


Image might take a while to load. Using multiple images didn't work.
Good Luck!

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#1101326 Update Information

Posted by jodusmame on 19 September 2015 - 02:36 AM

Hi, Community!
It's been a few days since patch 5.18 rolled out in many regions. Unfortunately, we weren't able to have LeagueSharp updated at the time the patch went live. I want to go over some things with everyone.
We want to provide a quality, fully-functioning software. We do not want to release something that is broken.
We strive for quality here, and as many of you already know, quality takes time. Don't think we aren't listening to you guys -- the community -- because we are listening. We understand some of you may be upset that you don't get to use a really helpful tool to play League with whenever you want. As much as we want to push out updates for you quicker, we must realize that doing that can jeopardize everyone. If our updates are done quicker than we'd like, we may get your accounts banned! We do not want to do that.
Usually we update in under 12 hours, but in some rare cases, it takes longer than that (sometimes much longer). This can be because of many factors, such as something different Riot may have implemented. Keep in mind we are always trying our best and hardest. However, even if we do take a long time, you are guaranteed compensation. You will not lose any money you have spent. We will be the ones losing money if we take a long time. But we are still sorry and apologize.
LeagueSharp has been like this since we started, and it will stay like this. Quality first. Quality in our software, quality in our customers, and quality in our community as a whole. This is why we are still continuing to stay small as a userbase, to stay under Riot's radar. We are exclusively trying to provide a tool to the community, in order to have more fun playing League of Legends. That will happen. Sometimes it just takes a little bit more time.
You may have noticed the new System Status sidebar. We are working on changing our information policy so we can provide you with more status updates that are also more accurate. We don't want to mislead anyone with information.

Again, we are truly sorry for the disappointment. We really are trying our best, and we hope everyone can understand that.  (cry) 
Thanks for sticking with us.


Crafted with love,





TL;DR: Quality and safety come first. We won't rush anything that jeopardizes our community. You will be compensated for everything (3 days in this case). We are sorry for the disappointment and we admire our community for being this patient.


The update will be ready today (September 19).

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#612987 Sandbox Is Now Live!

Posted by jodusmame on 02 April 2015 - 08:16 PM


As I've mentioned in the previous announcement, our users' safety is the highest priority here at LeagueSharp. We've been working for several weeks on a sandbox mode to ensure more safety. I'm proud to tell you that the sandbox mode is now ready and live!


What is the Sandbox? 

Our new sandbox environment loads your assemblies and restricts them in terms of code execution, memory, files and web access. That means that assemblies are not able to upload your summoner information, delete your files, or execute malware.


What can a LeagueSharp assembly do? 
  • Read / Write / Delete files from the LeagueSharp directory located in AppData.
  • Read League of Legends directory files.
  • Interact with League of Legends using the LeagueSharp API.
  • Read your Windows username.
What can't a LeagueSharp assembly do? 
  • Access internet (in the near future we will allow access to certain harmless websites like op.gg, etc., if the assembly requires it).
  • Read / Write / Delete files that are not related to L# or League of Legends.
  • Run unmanaged code.
  • Run executable files.
  • Other potentially dangerous things, like modifying registry values, device manager, etc.

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#522293 Competitor's Situation

Posted by jodusmame on 19 March 2015 - 09:48 PM

BoL's Situation We are aware of the current situation that many people, who have used our competitor's software, have suffered a data loss. Because our users' safety is our highest priority, we have developed a method that doesn't allow assemblies to harm your PC in anyway, shape, or form. It can no longer execute, run malicious stuff, or access the internet to log your summoner name. You can read more about our latest changes here. Below I will help you all as much as possible to restore your lost files and data, so you can enjoy URF!


FAQ Q: "I havent used bol but my file was deleted"

A: According to our current information (Thanks to Finn) BoL users have been infected over multiple days/weeks and the execution was today 7pm.


Q: "Is this LeagueSharps fault???"

A: No, LeagueSharp does not harm your PC in anyway.


Q: "I used BoL when LeagueSharp was down, am I infected?"

A: You might be infected. We don't know when the infection started.

Using Recuva 1. Do not install anything, as you will overwrite files making some (or most) data impossible to recover.
2. Install Recuva on a seperate hard drive.
3. Follow the instructions in this video:
Using System Restore (Does not restore personal files) 
Recap Bot of Legends has proved once more that they are not trustworthy. The only thing you can do to prevent situations like this is to keep your distance far from their software, as it has been confirmed multiple times that using their software doesn't end very well. You should consider whether you want a rushed update which ends up throwing errors, bug-splats, and endangers your data, or updates that take a few days more, but are safe and working well.

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#132533 [ 5.7 ] LeBlanc - Princess of Bluffs [ ReBorn ]

Posted by Apollo on 19 December 2014 - 03:52 PM

Last version is:





  • Combo
  • Q, W, E, R
  • HitChance menu foreach skillshot
  • Smart R (Dynamic Combos)
  • Ignite usage
  • Harass
  • Q, W, E
  • Second W usage
  • ManaManager
  • ToggleKey
  • Laneclear
  • Q, W
  • Minimum Hit by W slider
  • Second W usage
  • ManaManager
  • Killsteal
  • Q, W
  • Smart usage
  • Flee Mode
  • W and R(W) to Cursor
  • W and R(W) max distance
  • Wont W or R(W) into walls
  • E on closest target
  • Interrupter
  • E, R(E)
  • DangerLvL slider
  • AntiGapcloser
  • E, R(E)
  • Misc
  • Clone Logic
  • Second W (semi automatic, if you hover over the source position you will jump back)
  • Drawings
  • Q, W, E
  • Second W timer
  • Second W source position
  • Assassin Manager (More Info)
  • For Items use Oracle



Leave an rep_up.png if you liked it, if you disliked rep_down.png it. If your feelings are more complicated then that feel free to comment  smile.png


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#1620693 1 Month League Sharp Giveaway&LoL Account(Giveaway ended) (close plz)

Posted by OpCode on 21 June 2016 - 10:35 PM

1 Month League Sharp & LoL Account (Any Region)

Giveaway end date: 21/07/2016


2nd place winner will be announced: 22/07/2016

1st place winner will be announced: 23/07/2016


How to enter?
[Press the rep_up.png at the bottom right hand corner in order to enter to have your name drawn]

Note: I will not count comments as it will be too much of a pain in the ass to look through if people have multi-posted


First prize, level 30 unverified account 20-30kip of any region you request, inc pbe account, your choice, I will buy the account for you. (Or any account equaling up to 40$)


Second prize, 1 month league sharp subscription



How will I do it?


If it lands on same name twice, I will re-roll.



1st. SuperiorHHCSB

2nd. Swamttert9


Giveaway time shortened from 26 to 21st of July.

(The reason it's a month long is because I'm giving away 55$~ worth of stuff, want as many participants. - Plus 21st of July I turn 21. :p)


There may be a 3rd prize if I can think of one too. :)

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